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Uniscience Uni-Midi Horizontal Eletrophoresis System -10x10cm

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Our Midi series have been designed for routine horizontal gel electrophoresis with wide degrees of versatility. All of our gel tanks are made from injection molded construction for durable and leak proof environment. Varieties of special combs are available to maximize your sample size.

Uni-Midi includes 10x7 and 10x10cm gel tray to allow 100 samples per gel to be resolved. Ideal for those routinely check medium numbers of samples over short to medium gel run lengths.


  • Low buffer consumption
  • Single molded tank
  • Two tray options available
  • Easy sample loading
  • Multi-channel pipette compatibility
  • Great indications for gel making and running
  • No tape, clamps or springs needed


Dimension (WxLxH)

8.66"x4.92"x3.54"  (220x125x90mm)

Gel dimension (WxL)

 3.94"x2.76" (100x70mm),

 3.94"x3.94" (100x100mm)

Maximum sample

50 for 3.94"x2.76" (100x70mm) Tray

(2x25 sample combs)

100 for 3.94"x3.94" (100x100mm) Tray(4x25 sample combs)

Buffer volume

0.08gal (300ml)


Injection molded construction


Durable, leak proof environment for complete safety and long life

Cassette type electrode

Inexpensive, easy to replace


Made of 99.99% corrosion resistant pure platinum

Electrical safety

Lid can only be fastened in one way


Upon lid removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber

Rapid casting gel

Use casting dams