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qPCR Adhesive Clear Plate Seals - Uniscience

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This optically clear seal was specifically developed for optical applications, particularily qPCR. It is non-tacky to skin and gloves enabling ease of handling and application and positioning. This seal is a pressure activated seal.The polyester film has adhesive held within capsules on the underside, and pressure must be applied to the top-side, around the raised-well rims to activate the adhesive. Specification

■ Non-sterile

■ Non-pierceable

■ Peelable

■ Seal integrity range: -80°C to 100°C

■ Sheets: 140 x 77mm

■ Roll: 100m x 80mm

■ Applications: qPCR (96 or 384 well)

Packing: 100 Sheets