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Radwag PS 1000.R2 Precision Balance

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Overview The PS R2 Series Precision Balance represents a new standard, featuring a LCD display which presents a clear weighing result. In addition, the display has a new text information line providing additional messages and data (e.g. product name or tare value).

The PS R2 have pans in two possible dimensions: 128x128 mm or 195x195 mm – the smaller pan includes a draft shield.

This series includes an automatic internal mass adjustment/calibration system which adjusts ambient conditions.

PS R2 balances feature several communication interfaces: 2 x RS 232, Type A USB, Type B USB and optional Wireless Connection.

The housing is made of plastic, and the pan is made of stainless steel. The balances also have the option of weighing outside of the pan (under hook weighing).

Databases: Registration of both users and products is provided along with weighing results for further analysis. Specifically, the data is registered in 5 databases: Users (up to 10). Products (up to 1000). Weighments (up to 5000). Tares (up to 100). ALIBI memory (up to 100,000 weighments). Bi-directional data exchange is possible thanks to a quick USB interface. ALIBI memory is contained in a secure zone ensuring security over the long term.Quick Access to Information: Direct access is available from the keyboard level: Database – Aforementioned databases. Function - Basic functions. F1 to F4 – Programmable function and navigation keys. Features Interfaces: - 2×RS 232 - USB-A - USB-B - Wireless Module (option) EXTRA FUNCTION KEYS The balance comprises 2 buttons enabling easy access to DataBase and Functions. Additionally it is equipped with 4 programmable function keys F1-F4. The function keys can perform different operations for each mode: - header printout,- tare editing,- footer printout,- product selection.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION LINE Display has a new text information line allowing to show additional messages and data, e.g. product name, operator name or tare value, etc. A real novelty are pictograms signalling current operating mode, connection with a computer, the battery charge, service or balance functions. Datasheet Max capacity [Max] 1000 g Minimum load 20 mg Readability [d] 1 mg Tare range -1000 g Repeatability 1.5 mg Linearity ±3 mg Stabilization time 2 s Sensitivity drift 2 ppm/°C in temperature +10 - +40 °C Working temperature +10 - +40 °C Power supply 12 ÷ 16 V DC / 250 mA (350 mA for scales with Wireless Connection) Adjustment/Calibration internal (automatic) Display LCD (backlit) Interface 2×RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Wireless Connection (option) Pan Size 128×128 mm Packaging size 470×380×336 mm

Net weight/gross weight 4.5/6.5 kg