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Mini 300V Power Supply - Uniscience



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Featuring in small size and versatility, the newly designed Uniscience Power Supply are ideal choices for any researchers. Capable of providing constant voltage or current in 1V or 1mA increment, the unit is perfectly suitable to run both vertical polyacrylamide or horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis experiments. Continuous or timed operation can be easily set up using the simple and user-friendly interface. The UNI-E141 power supply features 2 electrode pairs, allowing for 2 gels to be run simultaneously, saving both time and valuable bench space. With a universal voltage rating, the UNI-E141 power supply is also designed and constructed to the most rigorous safety standards.


  • Constant voltage or constant current operation
  • 1V increment voltage control; 1mA increment current control
  • Max 300V, 400mA and 60W for Mini Pro 300V
  • Two pairs of outlet terminals
  • Timer with alarm function
  • Safety device
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Competitive pricing choice
  • Packages with midi sized horizontal electrophoresis systems and vertical electrophoresis systems


Output voltage / Inc.

 10 - 300V / 1V

Output current / Inc.

 10 - 400mA / 1mA

Output power


Output type

 Constant voltage or constant current


 Microprocessor controller

Terminal pairs

 2 Pairs


999 (min) with alarm / Continuous

Safety device

 No-load detection; shrouded plugs and sockets

Operation temperature

 4oC to 40oC

Dimension (WxLxH)

5.51"x7.52"x3.31" (140x191x84mm)


 Polycarbonate housing and aluminum base plates


 Approx. 2.2lb (1kg)

Rated voltage

Universal, 100 - 240V


Sufficient for midi sized horizontal and vertical electrophoresis systems


2-step (V, mA, )