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Labeling Tape 3/4″X500″ – Green

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■ Adheres to any dry surface – glass, plastic, metal, paper and rubber.

■ Sticks throughout the most demanding procedures – is oil proof, waterproof and acid resistant – can be steam autoclaved.

■ Holds in a wide range of temperatures – transfers cleanly from one surface to another, leaving no messy residue.

■ Accepts handwritten notations with pen, pencil or marker, or order pre-printed to your specifications.

■ Size: 3/4″” x 500″”

■ Material: TAPE

■ Adhesive: REMOVABLE

■ Core Size: 1″”

■ Unit of Measure: RL

■ Quantity per UoM: 12.5″

Packing: 4 Rolls