UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) 1ml
UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) 1ml

UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution(20,000x) 1ml - Uniscience

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UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) is a new and safe nucleic acid stain, an alternative to the traditional ethidium bromide (EtBr) stain for detecting nucleic acid in agarose gels. It emits green fluorescence when bound to DNA or RNA. This new stain has two fluorescence excitation maxima when bound to nucleic acid, one centered at 309 nm and another at 419 nm. In addition, it has one visible excitation at 514 nm. The fluorescence emission of UniSafe Dye bound to DNA is centered at 537 nm. UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) is as sensitive as EtBr. The staining protocol for UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) is similar to that for EtBr. UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) had a negative result in mouse marrow chromophilous erythrocyte micronucleus test and also in mouse spermary spermatocyte chromosomal aberration test. So it is wise to choose UniSafe Dye Nucleic acid Stainig Solution (20,000x) instead of EtBr for detecting nucleic acids in agarose gels.


  • Used for detecting double-strand DNA and single-stranded RNA
  • Alternative to the ethidium bromide staining
  • As sensitive as EtBr or more sensitive than that
  • Non-toxic, non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic
  • No hazard waste


  • UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) 1 ml

Storage Condition

  • Store at room temperature and stable for 12 months.
  • For morestable use, should store at 4℃ (Stable for 24 months).


  • Visualization of DNA and RNA bands during agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Isolation of DNA fragments for sub cloning without introducing mutations normally caused by EtBr.

Considerations Before Use

  • UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staing Solution (20,000x) is non-carcinogenicbut may cause skin and eye irritations. Please wear gloves when workingwith the product.


  1. Prepare a 100 ml of agarose gel solution (concentration from 0.8~3 %) in a 250 ml flask and mix it thoroughly. Place the flask in the microwave, heat in until the solution is completely clear (about 2~3 minutes). Note: The thickness of gel should be less than 0.5 cm since thick gels may decrease sensitivity.
  2. Add 5 ㎕ of UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) to the agarose solution. Swirl the flask gently to mix the solution and avoid forming bubbles.
  3. While the agarose solution cools, pour it into the gel tray until the comb teeth are immersed about 1/4~1/2 into the agarose. Note: Repeated melting of gels containing UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) may result in low sensitivity.
  4. Allow the agarose gel to cool until solidified. Load samples on the gel and perform electrphoresis.
  5. Detect the bands under UV illumination. Note: UniSafe Dye Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (20,000x) allows visualization of DNA(>50 ng) in the agarose gel under visible light. This eliminates the need for exposure to UV light, which may nick and damage DNA. The intact DNA fragments purified from agarose gel can increase the efficiency of subsequent molecular biology manipulations such as cloning, transformation and transcription.

For more Information Download the Datasheet