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2x UNI SYBR qPCR master mix (low ROX) 1ml - Uniscience

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2x UNI SYBR qPCR master mix (low ROX) is a convenient premixed 2x concentrated solution which includes: Hot Star Taq DNA polymerase, PCR buffer, dNTPs, SYBR Green I fluorescent dye, Mg + and ROX reference dye. The mixture can be applied for target detection of genomic DNA and cDNA. The SYBR Green I dye binds to dsDNA without using sequencespecific probes. The chemically modified Hot Star Taq DNA polymerase is inactive at room temperature which effectively avoids the non-specific amplification caused by primer dimers or the nonspecific binding of primers and template. The unique PCR buffer components and the hot start enzyme ensure PCR specificity and sensitivity. ROX is a dye molecule that can be used to normalize the well-to-well fluorescent variation. Suitable for ABI Prism 7500/7500 Fast, Stratagene Mx3000/Mx3005P. Corbett Rotor Gene 3000 and other low rox level PCR instruments. This kit contains low ROX concentration.

Shipping and Storage

  • Store in the dark at -20°C for up to 1 year.
  • For frequent use, store at +2 to +8°C for short-term (1 week), and avoiding freeze/thawing cycles.


  • Gene expression analysis;
  • Gene copy number analysis.


  • High sensitivity: exactly quantify the low copy template;
  • High specificity: reduction of primer dimers and non-specific products;
  • Wide linear range: accurate quantification.


The following example should be optimized according to the template, primer structure and target fragment size.

1. Set the reaction system according to the following table.


1) The concentration of the primer should vary between 0.1-1.0 μM, being 0.2 μM the optimized amount. Increase the concentration of primer when amplification is not high. Reduce the concentration when non-specific reaction appears.

2) The recommended DNA template amount is between 10-100 ng of genomic DNA or 1-10 ng cDNA. As the target gene copy numbers are different among species, the template can be gradually diluted to get an optimal template amount. 2. PCR reaction conditions:

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