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MOPS 3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic Acid - 250g - Uniscience

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Molecular Biology Specifications

Recommended Use

The buffer range of MOPS is between 6.5 ~ 7.9, which is suitable for electron transfer and phosphorylation study of thin layer of chloroplast. It can be prepared into a variety of AGAR medium, and used as a non-toxic buffer in the limit medium to be used in the cultivation of the rod Streptomyces and the production of cephalosporin. It can be used as the electrolyte system component of medium electrophoresis (IEF) in twodimensional
gel electrophoresis (IEF). It can also be used in Northern hybridization as a buffer for the separation and trans-membrane of RNA.


  • Room Temperature




See Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

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