Heat Seals (500m x 78mm) - Uniscience - Uniscience Corp.

Heat Seals (500m x 78mm) - Uniscience

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Heat sealing is the gold standard method for plate sealing. It minimises sample loss and maximises sample security for PCR, qPCR, storage and other applications. Standard size, 78mm width rolls, can be loaded in either of two roll positions depending on roll length and available space enabling the entire instrument to fit under the gantree of many liquid handling robots. The roll width covers an SBS footprint microplate and the seal is cut at the end of the plate leaving only minimal overhangs to allow for easy removal of the seal, but not interfering with plate stacking. Specification

■ High degree of reliability for automated sealers

■ No adhesion of dry sample to the film

■ Reduced risk of contamination

■ Substantial savings compared to adhesive seals

■ Minimises sample loss: cost savings and reduction in reaction failures

Packing: 1 Roll (500m x 78mm)