Complete 2-D System -10x10cm Mini (Screw clamp) - Uniscience - Uniscience Corp.

Complete 2-D System -10x10cm Mini (Screw clamp) - Uniscience

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■ Injection Moulded Construction - durable, leak-proof environment for complete safety and long life

■ Compatible with all major brands of precast gels

■ Electrical Safety - lid can be located in one way only. On removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber

■ Rapid Gel Casting and Loading ensures trouble free gel set-up

■ Slab Gel Module with Sliding Gates for even more rapid plate assembly

■ Versatile - interchangeable inserts for slab gel and 2-D electrophoresisusing a single universal buffer tank

■ Rapid set up cooling

■ Run up to 4 gels at a time and up to 80 samples


Plate dimensions, (W x L): 10 x 10cmGel dimensions, (W x L): 7.5 x 8cmUnit dimensions, (W x L x H): 19 x 13 x 15cmMax. sample capacity: 80 samples, 20 samples per gel

Buffer volume: Min 250ml; Max 1200ml

Combs available: No. of samples: 1, 5, 8MC, 9, 10, 12, 16MC, 20

Thicknesses: 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2mm